About Us

Kingdo Cloud Information Limited was founded in October 2013. The name of the company was inspired by the famous Chinese novel Journey to the West, in which one of the main characters, Sun Wukong, is able to travel extremely fast on a cloud called jindou. In today’s world, “cloud” has again become synonymous with high speed and efficiency. By taking advantage of cloud computing, as well as the popularity of mobile devices, Kingdo offers customers multi-platform applications that deliver a faster and more convenient and intuitive user experience, and enable instantaneous information sharing and wireless charging.

With more than 10 years of experience in different industries such as electronics, media, banking, IT services and mobile communications, the members of Kingdo’s management team draw on a wide range of expertise to anticipate and quickly respond to new market trends, and design products and services that meet user demand. Furthermore, as members of our management team are based in Taiwan, Singapore and China, our services can not only quickly enter major markets throughout East Asia, but also effectively leverage local resources to achieve comprehensive integration, exchange and sharing.

KINGDO, transmitting your needs with speed.

In addition to providing high-quality wireless charging products and services and contributing to more convenient lifestyles, Kingdo also attaches great importance to its social responsibility. When the company was established, the management team decided that as part of Kingdo’s business model, a fixed share of its profits will be set aside to give back to society.

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