Services and Solutions

Since the first wave of schools adopted Kingdo Cloud solutions to create indispensable communication platforms for teachers and parents, Kingdo has continued its quest to meet the various needs that exist in society. At Kingdo, we are keenly aware of people’s desire for unbounded freedom and comfort. Now, with the continuous advancement of technology, we face a new restraint in our use of digital products, i.e., the large number of electrical, network, and other cables. That is why Kingdo has asked itself the question: Is there really no way to break free of these cables?

Kingdo’s consistent aim has been to find comprehensive solutions for people’s most pressing needs, one of which is to do away with the many cables surrounding us. With the help of new Magnetic Resonance Charging Technology, we have overcome the need for recharging cables for mobile devices. Magnetic Resonance Charging provides an effortless user experience. Whenever you are meeting friends in a restaurant, lost in thought in a cafe, on a hectic business trip, working in the office, or reading a book on the bed, you will no longer have to worry about troublesome cables.

KINGDO, empowering you in a cloud-driven and wireless world

Magnetic Resonance Charging Technology allows you to quickly recharge multiple devices at the same time. Kingdo offers an easier and more intuitive experience, creating customized solutions for any event, location, or environment. Whether you are an individual user or business owner, Kingdo delivers the best and fastest wireless charging experience, as well as friendly user services.

Besides wireless charging, our talented development team can also provide fully customized services in such areas as databases, enterprise software, desktop and mobile websites, and mobile applications.

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